Garvinworks of Bandera, Texas.

     Choosing furniture can be compared to say… choosing a wedding cake. Why have it made by a local bakery when you can readily purchase a mix in a box from the supermarket chain? You already know the answer. It’s because, no matter how you slice it [hey, a pun!], you can’t get anywhere near the quality of product out of a box that you can from that local artisan. Sure, cake from a box is okay. But… when it counts, when you want something special, unique, high-quality, and one-of-a-kind, it’s not what you’re looking for. You need a person – an artist - who is experienced and specializes in providing you with the very thing you need. Someone who has a personal connection with the product they are creating.
     When you choose furniture for your home, you’re not just filling a space in the room of your house. You are selecting décor that will be with you for a very long time that you (and others) see and use every day. Furniture that reflects your personal taste, life-style, and needs. Furnishings that can take an empty room and transform it into a warm, beautiful extension of you, turning those rooms into a home.
     Your home.
     Manufactured furniture is the “boxed cake mix” of the furniture world. It is typically made in a factory in a foreign country using the lowest grade materials, glue, and lacquer they can get away with. What a lot of people don’t know is, what they think is solid wood is oftentimes actually a micro-thin veneer of wood or plastic laminate over fiberboard or particle board. In catalogs, it’s referred to as “composite wood.” It is a way to mass produce a product that looks convincingly like high quality furniture out of cheap, inferior materials, to make you believe you are saving money by purchasing it.

Buy handmade, American furniture. Why?
  • It is made with quality, durability, and your personal needs in mind.
  • It is crafted with great attention to detail by the hands of a skilled artisan.
  • It is made with time honored traditions and superior construction methods.
  • It is made with solid wood, using solid joinery, and finished with hand-applied varnishes, shellacs, or paints.
  • It is made with local, reclaimed, repurposed, responsibly harvested materials.
  • You know the craftsperson who made your furniture.
  • You become a part of your own furniture by collaborating with the artisan who made it.
  • Instead of becoming worthless landfill fodder, handmade furniture will eventually age into valuable antiques and heirloom pieces.
  • It is custom designed and built to suit your personal taste, needs, and budget.
“Make America Great Again” is a phrase that has been tossed around a lot lately. To say it is easy. To actually make it happen, you have to buy American products and support the US economy. Buying handmade furniture supports the economy by starting waves that begin with the craftsperson, who supports local businesses, and from there branches out far and wide throughout the American supply chain. Purchasing handmade, American goods in general nourishes our society, defines our culture, strengthens our economy, and preserves our environment.

Garvinworks Texas Hill Country Woodcrafts & Furniture
Made in the USA, Bandera, Texas

Garvinworks Texas Hill Country Furniture
  • Dining Tables
  • Benches
  • Dining Sets
  • Trestle Tables
  • Farmhouse Tables
  • Coffee Tables
  • Console Tables
  • Side Tables
  • End Tables
  • Buffets
  • Kitchen Islands
  • Headboards
  • Bed Frames
  • Bunk Beds
  • Hutches
  • Desks

George has built several pieces for us and we have loved them all. Our most recent purchase, the trestle table, is an absolutely beautiful piece that will serve us for a lifetime. George has an excellent eye, is very creative, and always exceeds our expectations. I highly recommend Garvinworks!
~ B. Tucker, Cypress, Texas

George did an absolutely phenomenal job on our southwest inspired dining room table. The quality of workmanship is something we will appreciate for many years. Its a centerpiece of our home. From assistance with the design, selection of woods, finishes and delivery. Just an amazing experience from concept to completion and setup in our home.
~ J. Thorne, Houston Texas

George is wonderful! He has made us a beautiful farmhouse dining room table with benches and a children's farmhouse table with benches. Everyone that visits admires them. We absolutely love everything he's made us and we love working with him. His workmanship is just Beautiful.
~ B. Ohrmundt, Boerne, Texas